Traveling Light Hiking Trip – Toxaway to Hellroaring

We get a number of inquiries from folks looking for the experience of a multi-day backpacking trip without the struggle of carrying a heavy backpack. While we’ve always offered portered backpack trips, in response to these inquiries we’ve developed our Traveling Light Hiking Trip as an organized, scheduled program.

Our first taker was a father-son team looking for a 3-day private version of this trip. Along with their guide Chris, they began at Petit Lake, passing several lakes before reaching their first night camp at Toxaway Lake nestled below Snowyside Peak. On day two, they crossed no fewer than three passes en route to an off-trail lake in the Hellroaring drainage. Surrounded by square miles of glacially-polished granite slabs, they spent the last day hiking along Imogene and Hellroaring Lakes below the imposing Finger of Fate.

The opportunity to enjoy the remote backcountry of the Sawtooths carrying only a daypack is not to be missed!

Enjoy the photos…