Portered Base Camp at Imogene Lake

Early September might be the best time for hiking in the Sawtooths…fewer people, cooler temperatures, and the occasional rain shower to freshen things up. We just returned from a portered base camp trip to Imogene Lake with a wonderful group of strong hikers from Ketchum. A portered camping trip provides a comfortable way of experiencing the Sawtooths beyond the usual day trip destinations – and time to explore without the long hike back to the car at the end of the day.

Imogene makes a wonderful base for exploration with off-trail lakes in nearly every direction. Square miles of granite slabs provides a visual reminder of the powerful glaciers that once smothered the Sawtooths. We experienced the first real rain storm we’ve had since spring, providing moody light, greener colors, and once the storm cleared, some of the bluest skies we’ve seen in months! Check out the photos: