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Kara S
We had a great time climbing in the city of rocks! My 14 year old loved it. The best part was our guide ! It was a great privilege to be "shown the ropes" by a legend.
  City of Rocks
Adam Ingram
We had an incredible alpine climb to the top of Mount Heyburn. We have done several hikes and climbs around the Redfish Lake area, and this was by far the best. Our guide, Matt Scrivner of Sawtooth Mountain Guides, was very determined to make sure we had an amazing experience on the mountain, and he was incredibly focused on our safety during the climb. We are definitely pleased that we chose to climb with Sawtooth Mountain Guides!
  Sawtooth Rock Climbing
Really enjoyed spending time with this crew for my AIARE level one class. They were thorough and also fun! Would definitely recommend and am grateful they helped me feel more confident in the backcountry!
  AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course
John K
So I'm the 80-year old (actually 79) cancer patient referred to by RxnJxn. And the patience, help, and consideration shown to me by the SMG guys and gals were extraordinary. During the 5-mile skin in, I thought I wouldn't make it, but the guides took my pack and hauled it for me; on the way out, they shared the stuff in my pack to lighten my load. The skiing was great (acres of untracked), but the comraderie and care was truly outstanding. Food was really good, too.
  Guided & Catered Hut Trips
Our trip to Williams Peak Hut looks rough on paper: 80 year old cancer patient with his two portly sons, one of whom had never used climbing skins, and the boys packed in enough cheap wine to compress vertebrae and eliminate brain cells. If not for the courage of a fearless crew, and support from all over the SMG organization, we would have turned back 1/3 of the way to the yurt. For sure, when I broke a binding beyond repair in the last 1/4 mile of the skin in, I started planning my walk out the next day.

But Everett and Jaime patched me up and turned a disaster into an awesome ski trip by literally carrying it on their shoulders. Everett skied out my old busted stuff and loaned me his supercharged skis and far beyond the call of duty. Both of these guides are seasoned pros, I can only hope we added some laughs to the stories they tell around a fire later on.

I was wrecked at the end of the skin in and at the end of each ski day. Fortunately, yurtmeister Lara kept the fire warm and a plentiful table of fresh, delicious nutrition back at the hut. She's one of the most joyful people I've met, and I doubt I'd have regained my salubrity without her hearty salads.

I went from "never again" to getting replacement bindings that will get me up there next year... probly carrying a bit less wine... or maybe just in better shape.

PS TripAdvisor is pretty limited in "what sort of visit was this" options. "Friends " only partly describes this trip.
  Guided & Catered Hut Trips
I took the Intro to Backcountry Skiing Course based at Bogus Basin Ski Resort in Idaho. The first day was split into two parts, first half was lecture and the second half was in the filed. The second day was 90% in the field. The lecture covered everything we needed to know to get started. The instructors Kirk and Erik went over the equipment needed and how to use it. Avalanche awareness and snow knowledge and how to stay safe. Then we went into the backcountry near Bogus Basin and performed avalanche beacon drills, everyone got to use their beacons, probes and shovels. Had a quick lunch and skinned up to the summit of Moore's Mountain. They showed us how to best choose a route up as to not spoil the downhill skiing. Learned how to transition in deep snow. Then skied back down the mountain. The second day was all about trip planning and how to stay safe, map reading and how to translate the map to the area we were in. We went back to Moore's mountain and skied the northern aspect of the mountain, transitioned in fresh deep snow, and skinned back up. Along the way we got to experience equipment issues and how to resolve them, slope evaluation and snow conditions with fresh snow. We then went back to the base area and had a debriefing and discussion on the trip. I can't say enough good things about Kirk and Erik, these two are the real deal when it comes to Backcountry anything!! Their backcountry skills are second to none! Their ability to teach these skills to those that want to learn is second to none! I wish there were more stars to this rating because they deserve more! I can't wait to take the Avy 1 & 2 classes from them in the coming years! I will only use Sawtooth Mountain Guides!
  Bogus Basin Intro to Backcountry
My wife and I took this class to learn more about avalanche safety so that we could expand and improve our backcountry skiing experience. Our objectives were to learn more about how to avoid dangerous avalanche terrain and how to best rescue someone in the event of an unfortunate circumstance. Lastly, we wanted to have some fun. Our experience with Sawtooth Mountain Guides exceeded our expectations in each. The guides were fabulous, extremely knowledgeable and fun to be around. It was a fantastic experience! I would highly recommend this course with Sawtooth Mountain Guides!
  AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course
We did a back country ski tour with Skylar of Sawtooth Mountain Guides, it was a fun adventure with safety the top priority. Skylar was very knowledgeable about the local area and avalanche awareness. He was exceedingly good at explaining the risks and how he mitigated them by proper route selection and planning. It was also a ton of fun! We skied some pristine powder and had a great time all day. SMG is a well managed company with a strong safety culture that starts at the top. I have the highest regards for the management there as their values show in all the guides. I’ve climbed and skied with Other guide services around the world but none match the professionalism of SMG. Highly recommended!
  Sun Valley Backcountry Skiing
Matt was an incredible guide. While I have done a little bit of skinning up groomed routes, this was my first time in true backcountry. Matt was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and willing to educate our group on fundamentals and of course, staying safe. All in all, an incredible day and I just booked another trip (the ultimate testimony!). Truly a 5 star experience.
  Sun Valley Backcountry Skiing
Our guide, Lara, was delightful and made the trip very enjoyable. Couldn't ask for a better experience.
  Day Hiking