Kids Camp 2016 Trip Report

Thanks to guides Matt and Steff and a great group of kids, this year’s Sawtooth Alpine Kids Camp was a huge success. With many kids returning for their second or even third camp, the guides continued to build on skills learned in previous years and were able to provide more challenge (and fun). Basing at Canyon Camp, the kids began by practicing their rock climbing skills on the Redfish Boulder and Super Slabs. After planning their route on a topo map, they stuffed the bare essentials into a backpack and headed off trail to Upper Redfish Lakes where they spent the night. Making it to these remote lakes is a worthy feat for anyone! Through it all, plenty of swimming, snowball fighting, face painting, and general goofiness kept things light-hearted and fun. The trip wrapped up with tyrolean traverse across the creek and, of course, the inaugural plunge into Redfish Lake. All kids were eventually returned to their families safe, sound, and most of all, dirty!

Thanks to guide Steff Carter for these fantastic photos!