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Chris, Sara & the entire SMG crew are consummate pros and deliver the goods even when the goods are scarce. I've been on multiple hut trips to the Williams peak hut and now done the Level 1 course, and all the SMG experiences were bucket list worthy, for anyone. Whenever one of the Sawtooth crew is involved, the experience gets both safer and more fun - that's not usually the case!

Get to the hut, hire these guides, take a course in the snow, dirt or rock. You're life will improve because of it.
  AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course – Stanley
Annie M
This was an awesome experience! I can't say enough positive things. Williams Peak Hut is a gem in the middle of the Sawtooths. The guides (Sara, Chris and Kirk) had incredible knowledge and experience. I learned so much about avoiding avalanches, rescue techniques and even received tips on my downhill skiing! I can't imagine going into the backcountry without having taken this course. The guides made everyone feel comfortable asking any questions. The food was fantastic as well. All in all an amazing weekend.
  AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course – Stanley
Amber W
Chris and Sara Lundy (and their intern, Tanner) know how to run a business that exceeds expectations. We attended a trip to Williams Peak Yurt during an AIARE Avalance I course this past December, and my husband and I were beyond impressed with their level of expertise and professionalism, not to to mention their personalitiies and detial orientied abilitiy to go above and beyond in outfitiing a trip. Sara is a wonderful cook! And all three of them are fun, and new friendships were formed. In whatever capacity you decide to utilizie these guys, you won't be disappointed.
We took an Avy Level 1 Course from SMG and had great instructors - Sara and Chris Lundy along with Tanner (the awesome intern!). They cooked great meals, provided excellent instruction and put together a perfect weekend of learning in the backcountry. We will definitely be returning to the Williams Peak Hut next year and hiring the Lundys as our guides!

The weekend started on Friday morning with a few hours of classroom instruction at the Stanley Ranger Station. We then put our skins on our skis and hiked into the hut (about 5.5-6 miles and less than a 2000' elevation gain)... there are two huts with bunk beds (some beds even fold out to be double beds for any couples) and GORGEOUS Sawtooth Mountain scenery! Each night included some lectures/discussions and the days were spent in the field - practicing rescues, making observations, and using good communication to help mitigate the human factor of avalanche danger. Overall, I would highly recommend this course from SMG to anyone who spends time in the backcountry!
  AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course – Stanley
Ben B
SMG guides Marc, Drew and Matt did an absolutely fantastic job working with my group of five kids, making sure that all ages (5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th grade!) were challenged but also cared for and supported. In addition to being great on the rock, they were professional and personable in camp after a day on the Super Slabs. I'd definitely feel comfortable bringing more kids to SMG in the future!
  Intro Rock Climbing
David Denning
Climbed the super slabs and camped overnight at the Canyon Camp with Matt. The camp was a great stage and playground for the next days climb. My son got really nervous in the middle of the climb and I was completely impressed with how each detail of the situation played out. Matt was not only technically competent but handled the emotional side with a 7 year old brilliantly. So impressed and what a great memory. Highly recommended to anyone.
  Intro Rock Climbing , Canyon Camp Rental , Family Adventure Trips
My Best Buddy and I went on a backpacking trip with Sara from Sawtooth Mountain Guides. The experience was beyond our expectations. Not only was Sara a great guide, with an amazing knowledge of the backcountry, but she was determined that we have a GREAT experience. She really cared about how the trip was going and went the extra mile and a half to make sure that we weren't just taken care of, but spoiled rotten.

The backcountry was breathtaking and the solitude glorious. Compared to the JMT, it was sparsely traveled. Sara took us bushwacking and off trail to a wonderful ledge and high mountain lake.

I can't say enough about this trip, but suffice it to say that I usually travel solo and light and am rather frugal, but this trip was worth every penny. I would highly recommend this experience to any backpacker looking to explore new country and wanting a knowledgeable guide who will definitely take great care of you.
  Multi-Day Backpacking
My good friend and I went backpacking in the Sawtooth Mountains with Sara Lundy as our guide. The experience was exceptional and we had a wonderful time exploring this incredible place. The Sawtooth Mountains are breathtaking. Sara took us deep into the back-country and allowed us to experience the peace and serenity that this magical place provides . We swam in countless refreshing mountain lakes, viewed an amazing display of wild flowers, and pushed ourselves physically to the top of mountain vistas. The meals that Sara prepared were amazing and she pampered us at every opportunity. We were awakened with a fresh cup of coffee each morning, a hearty breakfast, and a promise for an unforgettable day. There were fun surprises along the way, with yummy desserts and a margarita night! This is the way Backpacking should be!
  Multi-Day Backpacking
Went on a full day climb on the Super Slabs with my 8 year old son. This included a boat ride across Red Fish lake and a one hour hike to the rock base. Our guide Ryan seemed knowledgeable and competent, and he made us feel safe the entire time. The climb was pretty challenging for both of us. We had climbed in a gym before, but this was much more intense - with sun, wind, height, thin-air, adrenaline, etc. My son's confidence level has increased and my guess is that he may do this again in a few years. Would highly recommend this for fit people with mature and athletic kids.
  Intro Rock Climbing
My friend and I took a weekend "Intro to Lead Climbing" course with Marc of the Sawtooth Mountain Guides in the City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho, and it was absolutely fantastic! The course was a lot of fun, the setting was great, and Marc was a wonderful instructor. My friend and I had not climbed in a while and were a little out of practice, so Marc tailored the level of effort to our ability, and we learned a lot from him while having a great time. I can't wait to take my next outdoor class with the Sawtooth Mountain Guides!
  Intro to Multi-Pitch Trad Climbing