Late Summer Adventures: Photo Gallery

Whew! Our summer is simmering down, and we finally have time to relive the fun. August was a busy month and we ran a number of exciting trips across central Idaho. It was also a wet month, with many stations reporting 2-3 times our usual rainfall. While the weather thwarted a few of our trips and made others more memorable, the wetter, cooler conditions provided a needed respite from the smoke of the past few summers.

Here is a brief highlight of our late summer trips, and be sure to check out the photos below!

  • The Pios east of Sun Valley continue to amaze our guests with their high-quality alpine climbing routes that are quickly attaining classic status.
  • August is one of the best months to climb Mount Borah, and we had several successful climbs of Idaho’s highest peak.
  • We are always proud to be a part of the Warriors Rock climbing program for veterans at the City of Rocks.
  • Although the weather shut us down on Braxon Peak in late-August, our Peak-a-Week Program was a popular one this summer. In addition to the attempt on Braxon, we climbed the Grand Mogul, Thompson, Devil’s Bedstead, and Borah!
  • Terry Tillman returned with his Idaho Wilderness Experience trip – this inspiring program has been running for over 20 years!
  • A group of longtime SMG friends (aka the FIST group) returned for a portered base camp trip near Imogene Lake. Despite rainy weather, the group explored the numerous off trail lakes in the upper drainage, then hiked out over the Imogene divide and down to Farley Lake.
  • Despite challenging weather, Matt successfully climbed remote Warbonnet Peak with an adventurous guest.
  • And of course, we had our usual array of hiking and climbing day trips with individuals, families, and kids, ranging in experience from never-ever to hardcore!