Our trip to Williams Peak Hut looks rough on paper: 80 year old cancer patient with his two portly sons, one of whom had never used climbing skins, and the boys packed in enough cheap wine to compress vertebrae and eliminate brain cells. If not for the courage of a fearless crew, and support from all over the SMG organization, we would have turned back 1/3 of the way to the yurt. For sure, when I broke a binding beyond repair in the last 1/4 mile of the skin in, I started planning my walk out the next day.

But Everett and Jaime patched me up and turned a disaster into an awesome ski trip by literally carrying it on their shoulders. Everett skied out my old busted stuff and loaned me his supercharged skis and boots...so far beyond the call of duty. Both of these guides are seasoned pros, I can only hope we added some laughs to the stories they tell around a fire later on.

I was wrecked at the end of the skin in and at the end of each ski day. Fortunately, yurtmeister Lara kept the fire warm and a plentiful table of fresh, delicious nutrition back at the hut. She's one of the most joyful people I've met, and I doubt I'd have regained my salubrity without her hearty salads.

I went from "never again" to getting replacement bindings that will get me up there next year... probly carrying a bit less wine... or maybe just in better shape.

PS TripAdvisor is pretty limited in "what sort of visit was this" options. "Friends " only partly describes this trip.

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