Bottom Line = Guide Help Climbing Borah Peak - was
I am fairly experienced mountaineer, but lack expertise in several areas and was in less than ideal shape, so -
Was looking for guide help from Sawtooth Mountain Guides - to
1. Increase the safety-factor (vs. solo) in a significant way (5 stars)
2. Decrease my overall travel time (adding to item #1) yet go my desired slow pace
Having a guide that had made this climb via standard route >30 times (38 if memory serves) meant - No wrong turns in the dark or accidental class 4-5 detours = decrease mental energy use (always greater if you are doing the route-finding and decision-making).
3. Allow me to choose the start time (way early) and pace, with the result I had hoped for (slow, but still off the ridge before lightning time).
JP (Jonathan Preuss) was ideal guide - very accommodating and providing the needed expertise in all its forms. And he was a nice guy to talk with on the climb.
Thanks much.
BTW - For those only interested in the mountain - It was good fun -
There are plenty of other sources to gain more specific info.

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