My 21 year old daughter and I rock climbed the Super Slabs in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains in August 2018. Our guide Matt S. from Sawtooth Mountain Guides was phenomenal. He was very knowledgeable of the technical aspects of rock climbing as well as with Idaho and the Sawtooth Mountain region. Our adventure started out at the Red Fish Lake Lodge in the morning where we got fitted for helmets, shoes, and harness. Matt had a truck full of equipment and supplied everything we required for the climb. Once we packed all our gear up we boarded a boat that took us across Red Fish Lake. We then had a hike to the base of the Super Slabs, the hike was about 2 miles with a gradual uphill the whole way. At the base we had short lesson, changed into our gear, and began the climb. Our multi-pitch climb was broken into about 5 stops to pull the ropes and tie on to next assent. The total climbing duration was about 4 hours and was a workout. This was our first time rock climbing outside on an actual mountain, but we had done some indoor rock wall climbing prior to this trip. Matt challenged us and pushed us to do more than we thought we were capable of, taking us on a more difficult route. After a short snack and pictures at the top of the mountain, we climbed down a very step trail back to the base with helmets on. Then hike back to lake eating some wild huckleberries along the way and 10-minute boat ride back to Lodge. This was a full day event and we made reservations about a month in advance of our trip. During reservation, we were provided with meeting instructions, times, and what to bring. We needed to have backpacks, water, and food, Good hiking shoes and proper attire. Long pants are a must as the granite rock is abrasive. Also, I brought two water bottles which was not enough, luckily there was a nice ice-cold mountain spring at the base of the Super Slabs that I could refill up with. I would highly recommend Sawtooth Mountain Guides.

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