I took the Intro to Backcountry Skiing Course based at Bogus Basin Ski Resort in Idaho. The first day was split into two parts, first half was lecture and the second half was in the filed. The second day was 90% in the field. The lecture covered everything we needed to know to get started. The instructors Kirk and Erik went over the equipment needed and how to use it. Avalanche awareness and snow knowledge and how to stay safe. Then we went into the backcountry near Bogus Basin and performed avalanche beacon drills, everyone got to use their beacons, probes and shovels. Had a quick lunch and skinned up to the summit of Moore's Mountain. They showed us how to best choose a route up as to not spoil the downhill skiing. Learned how to transition in deep snow. Then skied back down the mountain. The second day was all about trip planning and how to stay safe, map reading and how to translate the map to the area we were in. We went back to Moore's mountain and skied the northern aspect of the mountain, transitioned in fresh deep snow, and skinned back up. Along the way we got to experience equipment issues and how to resolve them, slope evaluation and snow conditions with fresh snow. We then went back to the base area and had a debriefing and discussion on the trip. I can't say enough good things about Kirk and Erik, these two are the real deal when it comes to Backcountry anything!! Their backcountry skills are second to none! Their ability to teach these skills to those that want to learn is second to none! I wish there were more stars to this rating because they deserve more! I can't wait to take the Avy 1 & 2 classes from them in the coming years! I will only use Sawtooth Mountain Guides!

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