The Chutings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

After spending the first half of the winter skiing 25 degree powder due to high avalanche hazard, we’re doing our best to make up for lost time by taking advantages of a stellar spring. The snowpack has stabilized, the Sawtooths are fat, and the weather has been unbeatable – perfect conditions to tackle Sawtooths steeps, chutes, and couloirs.

As the avalanche danger abated, we began running our Saturday Chute Club, a new program this season offering a weekly discounted rate for advanced ski tourers looking to explore new and exciting terrain. And man, it’s been fun to get back into the steeps! We’re looking forward to more of these days in April, and of course our yearly Spring Ski Mountaineering Camp at the Williams Peak Hut.

Check out our chuting gallery, and thanks to our intern Tanner, as well as Craig and Blake for sharing photos!