Ready For Winter!

After the incredible summer-like weather of October, November came in with a welcome blast of winter. The mountains are beginning to don their winter coats, and a few folks are even venturing out on skis. We have about a foot of snow at the Williams Peak Hut, with 2-3′ at higher elevations. Galena Summit is providing some early season turns for the brave.

For us, fall and early winter is the time to get the hut prepped and ready for the upcoming season. The trail needs to be cut out, the hut needs to be set up, projects need to be completed, and enough firewood needs to be cut to keep a winter’s worth of hut goers warm. This past weekend, a great group of friends helped us get these important tasks completed.

So what’s in store for this winter? With ENSO-neutral conditions (neither El Nino or La Nina) expected through at least next spring, the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting essentially average conditions, with perhaps a slight chance of above average precip for the earlier part of the winter. Essentially, it’s anyone’s guess!

We’re ready. Time for Mother Nature to bring it!