Trip Report: Work Meeting on Imogene Peak

Meetings are a necessary evil with most jobs, and operating a guide service is no exception. Our advice: meetings are better when there are no boardroom tables, chairs, walls, or suits.

Despite busy schedules, SMG owners Erik Leidecker and Chris and Sara Lundy got together for a work meeting on Imogene Peak in the Sawtooths last Monday. We’ll be totally honest – with 6 inches of new snow and decent snow stability, we didn’t get as much work done as we had hoped. But it was a productive day of brainstorming marketing strategies, 401(k) plans, and stock options. Yeah right. In all seriousness, we did come up with some great ideas for upcoming summer programs…check our website over the next few weeks to learn about this summer’s offerings!

And before you think we’re getting too smug, we did make up for our powder hedonism the next day with a long, drawn-out meeting in the great indoors!

Check out the pictures…click to enlarge.