Snowpocalypse vs. Williams Peak Hut … Hut Wins!

The recent Snowpocalypse event delivered somewhere between 4-5″ of water to the Sawtooths. If this storm had been a cold one with average density snow, that would equate to around 4′ of new snow! Well this wasn’t your average storm, with very warm temps and primarily rain falling in the valley.

Needless to say, we were a bit concerned with the amount of weight that might be perched atop the Williams Peak Hut, so we headed in yesterday for some shoveling and other projects. The huts were still standing (we knew they would be!) but it was hard not to be impressed with the amount and density of new snow! There was nearly 3′  of cement on the deck.

Approaching the hut and happy they're still standing!

A thick mantle of VERY dense snow covers the hut.

The total depth at the hut is just over 3′, and the density of the new snow is going to make for a great base. Above the hut at higher elevations, there looked to be even more snow accumulated – I would guess depths are in the 4-5′ range.  Our first course of the season – Backcountry Skills – is next weekend and conditions should be good!

Total snow depth at the hut is just over 3 feet.

Between the slog in, shoveling, clearing blow down on the trail, and other projects there wasn’t enough time to take a run. So we contented ourselves just being on skis and heading back to the trailhead under stunning dusky skies and sunset view of the Sawtooth Peaks.

Hard to pass up a ski run but it's already getting dark!

And, by the way, the sauna now has a door. It may not be the world’s best sauna, but it’s in the world’s best spot!

The sauna now has a door, is much better sealed, and more pleasant inside!