Early Season Ski/Snowboard Stoke – Magazines Feature SMG

As winter is moving in, the magazines are coming out with coverage on all the trips that happened last season.  In both Frequency Snowboard Magazine and the Sierra Club, there are feature stories on 2 separate trips to the Williams Peak Yurt.  Check ’em out:

Last March we had a group of snowboarders athletes join Clark for 4 days of alpine shredding.  They rode numerous lines in mid-winter conditions, and the story can be read in the 9.2 Issue of Frequency Snowboard Magazine (the snowboard version of the Skiers Journal).

Mike Basich

Basich lovin' the Sawtooths (photo: Basich collection)

Montana based journalist Aaron Teasdale and photographer Ryan Krueger joined us (Kirk, Hatch & Clark) for the Ski Mountaineering camp.  You can read his account of pushing his personal goals in some of the steep Sawtooth couloirs in the Sierra Club Magazine.

Aaron Teasdale

Aaron in the Chute Camp

Fun stuff to read early season…gettin us amped as another good winter begins to brew!