Guide Training and Season Kickoff

This past Thursday and Friday, SMG Guides were hard at work getting ready for the bulk of the 2011 guiding season.  Thursday saw guides refreshing their skills at high-angle rescue scenarios and efficient guiding techniques, while Friday marked the kickoff of the season.  Employees of the Perch and Redfish Lodge, among others, showed up for a day on the Super Slabs.  The trail to the Slabs remains marked by a few large sections of avalanche debris and snow patches, and key parts of the Slabs are still streaming with meltwater, but experienced guides Erik Leidecker, Marc Hanselman, Drew Daly, and Tim Ball knew the right beta to avoid these sections.  For interested parties- the slabs will remain partly wet for a while due to the giant melting snow patch residing at the summit. Highlights of the day included the beautiful weather and Office Manager Jocelyn Plass’s first multi-pitch climbing trip (having generously volunteered to be guided up the slabs by Erik and Intern Guide Katie Bono)! All in all, the pre-weekend activities were a great start to the 2011 climbing season.

Erik high up on the slabs.

Katie learning the ropes from Erik.

Drew awash in a sea of granite.

Drew with clients.

Jocelyn's first multi-pitch, completed!


The Slabs.

The Perch

Avy Debris (And Erik, Tim, and Jocelyn) on the trail.