Snow Report from the Sawtooths

Well lets face it…the beginning of the winter has been pretty dry in Idaho.  Every time I have been up to the yurt I pictured Tortilla flats to be buried with snow, but pop out from the woods and see sage brush sticking out everywhere.  The Sawtooths had just enough snow to make them look inviting from Lower Stanley, but you knew the coverage was thin.

However this past week the weather has really taken a turn in the right direction.  Starting off on Friday night (12/13) the Sawtooths got over a foot of new snow.  Then on Sunday night the Sawtooths got another foot + at 8000 ft.

Kirk and I went up the yurt to bring a load and do some shoveling on Monday (12/22).  We pleasantly broke trail through 2 feet of snow and this time when we popped out on Tortilla flats it was covered!  Exactly what I have been waiting for…if Tortilla flats has good snow, then the glades are definitely gonna be skiing good.

We didn’t get to take any runs but shoveled out the yurts and headed back down the trail.  I’ve never been so happy to be shoveling snow.

Also, since we were up there, the mountains have gotten another 1.5’ of snow!  The weather forecast looks great with the jet steam lining up straight over Idaho and a couple of storms stacking up over the Pacific.

On an ending note be careful though, because the snowpack is super sensitive right now!  Conservative skiing is a must in the Sawtooths.  Also photos coming soon – check back.