Take a boat ride across Redfish Lake, hike about an hour up a well-maintained trail, and you’ll arrive at our magnificent Canyon Camp. This fully-stocked camp has everything you need for a deluxe camping experience – extra wide (and thick!) Thermarest sleeping pads, sleeping bags, roomy tents (including a 6 person family hotel!) and a full kitchen. This means NO HEAVY PACKS! And given the short approach, it’s a perfect place to take kids for a multi-day getaway!

The Canyon Camp is ideally situated as a base for Sawtooth adventure and exploration. Just below the camp Redfish Lake Creek slides over granite slabs into picturesque swimming holes. You can even fish for small, but feisty Brook and Cutthroat trout. The Super Slabs climbing area is only 20 minutes away (also great for kids and families!), and day hikes to nearby Saddleback Lakes, or slightly more distant Alpine Lake are great options. Technical and non-technical peaks including the Elephant’s Perch, Mt. Heyburn, and Braxon Peak are nearby as well.

 Programs that utilize the Canyon Camp:

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