Our rates our based on the ratio of guests per guide, duration of the trip, and the amount of technical equipment needed. Challenging climbs and ski descents require a lower ratio (often 2-3:1), while other activities such as hiking can be run safely at higher ratios. Also, we believe in paying our guides a livable wage. Our guides have pursued extensive and costly training through the American Mountain Guide Association and have chosen to make a career out of guiding in the mountains. We know our services are not cheap, but what you receive in return is an incredible mountain experience with a trained professional who can provide the highest level of risk management.

Fees include Redfish Lake Boat Shuttle and all technical climbing and/or camping equipment except ski rental. Multi-day fees include all snacks and meals starting with lunch on the first day.

Fees do not include 6% Idaho Sales Tax or guide gratuities. After an enjoyable experience please consider tipping your guide. Though not expected a gratuity is greatly appreciated and 10-20% seems to be the customary range.

Guided Hiking & Backpacking

Rate per Person per Day for: One Person2 People3 People4 or More
Half Day$290$150$105$90
One Day$425$235$170$145
Multi-Day (includes food)$600$375$290$250

Guided Climbing

Rate per Person per Day for: One Person2 People3 People 4 or More
Half Day$300$160$115$100
One Day$450$255$195call for prices
Alpine Day (8-12 hrs)$475$275$215call for prices
Huge Day (12+ hrs)$520$300call for pricescall for prices
Multi-Day (includes food)$600$375$290call for prices

Summer Climbing Courses

Introduction to Rock Climbing (1-day)$125/person
Introduction to Rock Climbing (2-day)$250/person ($320/person for Sawtooth Course)
Lead Climbing 101$250/person
Sawtooth Snow School$125/person
Alpine Kid's Camp$650/person


  • Price varies on destination – maximum of 50lb load

Guided Skiing

Rate per Person per Day for:One Person2 People3 People4 or More
One Day$450$255$195$160
Multi-Day (includes food)$600$375$290$250
Rate per Person per Day for:1-3 People4-7 People8-12 People
Guided Hut Skiing (includes food, cook, and cost of hut rental)call for prices$340$300

Williams Peak Hut Rental

  • Winter 2016-17 Rates: $360/night minimum rental fee covers up to 8 people.  Additional people beyond 8 up to a maximum of 16 are an additional $45/person/night.
  • Winter 2017-18 Rates: $400/night minimum rental fee covers up to 8 people.  Additional people beyond 8 up to a maximum of 16 are an additional $50/person/night.
  • There must be a group leader whom has been previously stayed at the hut and has taken an Level 1 Avalanche Course. If no one in the group has been to the hut before, a first time hut rental orientation is required ($250).
  • Although we love dogs, they are not allowed at the hut for sanitation reasons.

Hut Portering

  • $175/porter – maximum of 50lb load

Avalanche Education & Winter Courses

Backcountry Skills$425/person
Companion Rescue$100/person
AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course (Williams Hut)$525/person
AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course (Valley-based)$395/person
Level 1 Refresher$250/person
AIARE Level 2 Avalanche Course$550/person
Ski Mountaineering Course$600/person