Sawtooth Mountain Guides is accepting applications for a part-time Office Manager. More details on the position are below. Please send a cover letter and resume to The application deadline is May 24 and the position would begin June 4th.

Office Manager Position Description

The office manager is responsible for running the “office” on a day-to-day basis. The office is “virtual” in nature and consists of a Google Gmail, Drive, and Calendar account, a virtual telephone line, and online reservation system. The position can be performed from home, however residence in the Wood River Valley, Stanley, or surrounding area is preferred.

These position is generally 5 days per week. Which days are worked each week are subject to scheduling factors and may vary from week to week. The hours worked each day are flexible. The position is generally busiest June through August, fairly busy in the winter December through April, and is the least busy in the off season months of May and September/October.

Compensation starts at $25/hour. The hours worked per week varies from 10 to 40, with an average of around 20 hours per week.

Duties include:
  • Being intimately familiar with SMG programs – especially the “bread and butter” trips.
  • Answering emails, phone calls, and voicemails in a timely fashion.
  • Creating reservations, taking payment information by phone, emailing invoices.
  • Pricing trips based on a somewhat complex rate structure.
  • Entering relevant reservation information into the calendar.
  • Sending appropriate reservation confirmation emails and pre-trip info to the client.
  • Checking in with clients prior to trip to collect remaining balance and answer last minute questions.
  • Keeping track of Client Information/Acknowledgement of Risk forms for each trip.
  • Staffing trips with guides appropriate to objective and client(s).
  • Sending guides relevant trip information and Client Information/Acknowledgement of Risk forms.
  • Monitoring balances due in the reservation system.
  • Attending twice-yearly guide training and sampling key SMG programs.
  • Personality: detailed oriented, self-motivated, organized, courteous, cheerful, excellent communicator.
  • An outdoor recreation enthusiast familiar with local mountains/geography and outdoor activity opportunities, specifically backcountry skiing and climbing.
  • Technologically savvy – Google products, web applications, smartphone, etc.
  • Has a computer and smartphone with reliable internet.

SMG is a small company and we aim to keep a core staff of professional guides as busy as possible. Most of our guides work year round, guiding climbing in the summer and skiing in the winter. We have little turnover and openings for guide positions are uncommon. We do occasionally hire interns and apprentice guides during both the summer and winter seasons.

Below is a brief description of positions that are occasionally available with SMG as well as minimum qualifications.


Internships are a good way to get a foot in the door and learn what it takes to become a guide.

In the summer, this position is responsible for maintaining equipment, stocking our Canyon Camp, portering, assisting with trip logistics and support, and, depending on experience and qualifications, assisting licensed guides in the field. Applicants should have significant personal outdoor and rock and/or alpine climbing experience. Wilderness medical training is a plus.

In the winter, this position is responsible for maintenance and stocking of the Williams Peak Hut, meeting hut renters to collect paperwork and payment, assisting as a cook on hut trips, portering, and, depending on experience and qualifications, assisting licensed guides in the field. Applicants should have extensive backcountry ski experience and have taken a Level 1 Avalanche Course. Wilderness medical training is a plus.

Internships are semi-paid positions. Intern wages are paid for portering, equipment maintenance, and logistical support, while helping with programs is sometimes unpaid in exchange for the experience gained during the program. While interns occasionally go on to become licensed SMG guides we unfortunately can’t make any guarantees.

Rock, Alpine, and Ski Guides

All SMG guides are licensed according to activity (“Backpacking/Hiking,” “Technical Mountaineering,” and “Level 2 Skiing”) by the Idaho Outfitter and Guides Licensing Board, which sets the minimum standards for climbing and ski guides in the State of Idaho. To obtain an Idaho license an applicant must be affiliated with a guide service, have a valid Wilderness First Responder (WFR) credential, and must be able to document related work and/or intern experience. Alternatively American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Certified Rock, Alpine or Ski Guides with valid WFR credentials can easily apply for the respective Idaho Guide License. The vast majority of SMG guides are trained for the terrain in which they work by the AMGA. This means, for example, that an SMG ski guide licensed by the State of Idaho has also successfully completed the AMGA Ski Guides Course.