My wife and I started climbing again after many years away from the sport. We brushed up on some basic skills at our local climbing gym, but wanted to get professional training from an experienced guide and climber before we headed back outside to climb on our own. We were very lucky and fortunate that SMG assigned Brad Shilling as our guide and instructor! Brad's vast climbing knowledge real-world climbing experience is beyond amazing. Couple his climbing background with his in-depth experience living in the area, working and climbing at the City of Rocks, and you have an unbeatable combination. We were especially appreciative of Brad's patience, training style, and openness to all kinds of questions about climbing techniques, gear choice, and route selection. Brad was very patient with us and also a great motivator when were overthinking and underestimating our climbing abilities. When we head back for more advanced climbing training we will use SMG and request that Brad be our instructor.

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