Updated January 11th, 2022

Getting into the mountains is as important as ever. The refuge they offer, as well as the opportunity for wellness, solitude, and adventure, are invaluable. Indeed, we’ve all been longing to return. Relative to all the ways our country is starting to “open up,” outdoor recreation is a recommended and lower risk way to return to normalcy. Open fresh air with natural ventilation and plenty of sunshine make it harder for the coronavirus to latch on to us human hosts. But going to the mountains is not without risk. In addition to the host of hazards we normally encounter, we must now endeavor to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We ask you to work with us to manage this new risk to the best of our abilities.

COVID-19 remains a significant risk management concern for Sawtooth Mountain Guides. The rise and fall of variants, changing guidance information, and pandemic fatigue make this a challenging task. For winter 2022 the following practices will be in affect:

  • Non-guided hut rental at the Williams Peak Yurt will resume as per pre-pandemic operations. Hut renters are solely responsible for their health and management of COVID-19 within their group.
  • Participants and staff on guided hut trips must be fully vaccinated and boosted and show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 24-48 hours of the start of the trip.
  • Public Avalanche Education and other instructional programs will not have indoor classroom sessions.
  • High quality face coverings are encouraged in public spaces, and required for unvaccinated guides and guests if social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Daily symptoms screening for guides and guests will continue.
  • As with everything during the pandemic, these practices will evolve and change!