Updated October 2022

While we probably aren’t completely out of the woods, the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is hopefully behind us. At Sawtooth Mountain Guides operations have returned to normal, or at least to the “new” normal. There are some changes implemented during COVID that continue to make sense—like selectively using Zoom for educational sessions. But others, like mask wearing and required vaccination, will be discontinued, at least while the pandemic remains in decline. We will be utilizing indoor classroom space for some programs.

In anticipation of any spikes that might occur during the winter and to continue to protect guides and guests from COVID-19, SMG will be taking the following measures, effective October 2022:

  • On the first day/morning of all programs we will conduct screening for symptoms and active infection. 
  • On our standard Acknowledgement of Risk/Registration form we will screen for active infection and for vaccination status.
  • Vaccination is not required for participation in SMG programs.
  • Clients and guests that develop respiratory symptoms during programs will be asked to discontinue their participation. This is primarily for guided hut trips and any educational programs that utilize indoor classroom space.
  • Please note that all SMG staff are fully vaccinated and boosted.

One of the silver linings of the pandemic was a renewed emphasis on hand hygiene, and acceptance of the practice that sick people should stay home! We will continue to encourage these behaviors to promote the general health and wellness of the SMG community.